With the Aspen VS the air is drawn from outside whilst passing through the exclusive 4 stage filtration to remove impurities. After this incoming air has been thoroughly filtered, the new “Pure Air” is then redistributed throughout your home, giving you piece of mind that the air your family breathes is “Aspen” clean air.

Smart Technology

Set your temperature and let Aspen do the rest. The Aspen VS series automatically knows whether to draw warm air from your ceiling or from outside your home, ensuring your indoor climate is at its optimum.

With an extensive range of features and a standard five-year warranty,

you’ll get peace of mind as well as a healthier home for you and your family.


Eliminates Condensation

Fresh Air Intake

5 Year Warranty

Heat Recovery

Heat Transfer

Multiple Fans

Eurovent Certification

Included European Building Code

Basic New Zealand VR Series Ventilation System*

VS Series

* Based on a selection of standard systems

Controlling condensation for
a fresher, drier home

At Aspen we realise that a dry home is a healthy home. The Aspen ventilators have been manufactured with this fundamental condensation removal necessity in mind. Both the Aspen VS and the Aspen VR series are very effective in controlling condensation build up within the home, however it is important to first establish where the current condensation originates from. Once established you can make an informed decision in selecting the correct Aspen Ventilator to cope with removing this (your local Aspen representative can guide you though these steps).

Air Filtration

Aspen Ventilation Systems use a unique four way filtration system ensuring even the smallest particles are captured and trapped. This continuous filtration method creates a healthy air environment for the family. Odours are no longer a problem with the Aspen VS carbon filter, which removes those unwanted smells. During humid nights, the Aspen VR ventilator will capture the incoming humid air and then filter it whilst removing humidity, allowing you to sleep better.

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