The Aspen VR series draws fresh air from outside your home whilst passing through the exclusive 4 stage filtration to remove impurities. At the same time air is also drawn from inside your home. This air is usually drawn from a nearby heat source, like an air conditioner or fireplace. This stale air is then filtered through the Aspen Core (Heat Exchanger).

The Aspen Core captures the existing heat from inside your home whilst expelling the stale air outside the home. The clean, incoming air is directed through the Aspen Core which redistributes the now pre-warmed air throughout your home, giving you an overall healthier and warmer home.

With an extensive range of features and a standard five-year warranty,

you’ll get peace of mind as well as a healthier home for you and your family.


Eliminates Condensation

Fresh Air Intake

5 Year Warranty

Heat Recovery

Heat Transfer

Multiple Fans

Eurovent Certification

Included European Building Code

Basic New Zealand VR Series Ventilation System*

VR Series

* Based on a selection of standard systems

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