Aspen Ventilation now available in New Zealand

Why is home ventilation important for your home and family?

Breathe clean,
pure air

The Aspen Ventilator draws and filters air from outside, leaving your home filled with fresh, healthy air free from impurities.

Enjoy a fully heated home

Room-to-room heat transfer delivers a completely warm home environment – from the lounge to the bedrooms to the attic*.

Protect both home and health from condensation

Tested and proven in the harshest climates in Europe, you can breathe easy with an Aspen Ventilator. Extensive dehumidification and filtration will lead to an end to moisture and mildew.

Save money on your power bills

Aspen’s innovative technology captures heat within the Aspen core, Then redirects this warm filtered air throughout your home with minimal energy expenditure**

Not all ventilation systems are built equal

Aspen VS series :
Positive pressure

Aspen VS Series

The Aspen Positive pressure system will draw the fresh filtered incoming air from “outside” passing through the exclusive 4 stage filtration to remove impurities. After this fresh incoming air has been thoroughly filtered, the new “pure air” is then redistributed throughout your home, giving you piece of mind that the air your family breathes is “Aspen” clean air.

Aspen VR series :
Balanced pressure

Aspen VR Series

The Aspen VR series draws fresh air from outside your home whilst passing through the exclusive 4 stage filtration to remove impurities. At the same time air is also drawn from inside your home. This air is usually drawn from a nearby heat source, like an air conditioner or fireplace. This stale air is then filtered through the Aspen Core (Heat Exchanger). The Aspen Core captures the existing heat from inside your home whilst expelling the stale air outside the home. The clean, incoming air is directed through the Aspen Core which redistributes the now pre-warmed air throughout your home, giving you an overall healthier and warmer home.

How the Aspen Ventilation System works

History on Aspen Ventilation

Aspen ventilation products are designed for commercial and residential applications.

The products are designed to ventilate your house or building Ventilation systems can have the following benefits:

- Reduce condensation
- Filter the air
- Reduce and expel stale humid air
- Reduce house hold pollutants and odours

Control your environment
with the stylish Aspen controller

Aspen VS Series

Apart from the stylish design, the Aspen thermostat wall controller will let you control your environment, whether this is controlling condensation or simply introducing fresh filtered air within the home.

A simple to use and elegantly designed controller that will fit in perfectly with your decor.

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